Our future doesn't work,
if our planet doesn't work.

Poseidon develops climate change solutions with immediate impact, because the damage our growth-based economic and social systems have inflicted on our planet over the past decades—and that they still inflict daily—cannot wait on long-term solutions.

We're actively working to connect and support the long-term sustainability agendas of governments, corporations, institutions, small businesses, and consumers by providing effective short- and medium-term solutions to the unavoidable negative impact life in our society has on the planet.

We envision a people-oriented movement built around a global sustainability-focused network, but, for organizations needing quick answers


reduce is the world's first 360-degree climate action platform that can address the environmental and social costs of any transaction. We accomplish this simply by creating a financial link between activities in everyday life and projects that rebalance limited resources—like CO2 emissions—by supporting threatened communities and ecosystems.

Building this solution required blockchain technology, which allows reduce to transparently process micro-contributions of any size, and artificial intelligence, which allows carbon footprint data analysis as well as carbon offset data processing at a scale and speed that were not possible before.

The result is a platform that can address the causes of climate change at point of sale, making climate action irresistible: it only takes a few cents, for example, to make a pair of shoes 'climate positive.'


We are 11 years away from runaway climate change.

Greenhouse gas emissions rose by 2.7% in 2018; every minute, 27 soccer fields of rainforest are destroyed; and even a warming of only 2°C will lead to damages exceeding $69 Trillion.

Runaway climate change means our generation will see meters of sea level rise, mass migrations of hundreds of millions of climate change refugees, and devastating mass extinctions—in the Amazon alone, 60% of all species are predicted to go extinct by 2080. But society is not changing fast enough, and the problem is getting worse.

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