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We need to urgently bend the path that we are on for climate change. Emissions need to peak in 2020. That is in our lifetime not some far off impact we are not sure about.

Governments are not doing enough and neither are corporates. It all seems so complicated to track and trade emissions and even more so because there are different rules in different regions.

It would be so much easier if this were all transparent and efficient. Would it not also be great if there was a way that individuals can take real action and immediately see their impact?

Poseidon is a new venture that revolutionises the way nature is valued, using blockchain technology to access the carbon market. We empower people to save the planet with every purchase.

At the Sustainable Investment Forum during New York Climate week on September 19, 2017, Poseidon announced its launch as well as our fundraiser for April 2018.

Our future customers

Poseidon's developing a digital ecosystem that will be:

Transparent and simple

An end-to-end custom blockchain solution to track, trade, and retire carbon credits transparently.

Low cost and efficient

Smart contracts to buy and sell carbon covering a variety of different transactions.


Takes carbon all the way to the retail level so an individual consumer or retailer can make a product or service ‘climate positive’.

Retailers & consumers

Every financial transaction we make has a climate consequence, positive or negative, but at present this impact is hidden and the costs masked. Poseidon will allow these carbon consequences to be visible for the first time by enabling a carbon value to be added directly into everyday products. As well as supporting retailers in their efforts to reduce their carbon emissions, this technology will enable consumers to participate through small everyday micro- transactions. In a later phase, Poseidon will create a mobile app that will enable corporates and consumers to see the impact that their carbon positive purchases are financing on the ground.

Corporates/traders and governments

Using the latest technology, Poseidon’s initiative will demystify and consolidate the market for carbon by offering a means by which it can be easily regulated, tracked, and monitored to reach its necessary size and scope. Our digital ecosystem will also allow Governments and companies to measure, track and trade emissions transparently, redefining the way they manage their regulatory compliance.


Poseidon will simplify the carbon credit market with the creation of an ecosystem built on Stellar.org’s blockchain technology. This technology will prevent double counting of carbon and will be consistent across jurisdictions, making it easier for companies to deliver and measure progress towards their climate targets or other goals such as deforestation-free commitments. Crucially, using proprietary smart contracts and a custom token on the Stellar blockchain, Poseidon and its partners will also make it possible for consumers to purchase ‘climate-positive’ products on a day-to-day basis, enabling them to see the exact tangible difference they are making on the ground.

Our white paper is coming soon!

About Us

Poseidon is in the process of being incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, also known as Crypto Valley, a great ecosystem for us to build our roots.

Laszlo Giricz


Laszlo is applying the world of carbon credits to blockchain technology using his 17 years as a business and technology consultant for the largest international investment banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and UBS across the world's financial centers including Tokyo, New York, and London. He has been involved in blockchain technology for many years and is one of the founders of the Canadian company GPU Hosting that commercializes the provision of computational infrastructures for the distributed ledger used by the blockchain asset Zcash.

Working with us

If you are interested in working with us or collaborating in some way, we are all ears. Contact us at team@poseidon.eco

Strategic partners

Poseidon has a number of strategic partners to achieve its goals.


Ecosphere+ (E+) is part of the impact investment Althelia Climate Fund, and is led by Lisa Walker, with a Read moremission to grow the global demand for carbon reductions, thereby creating an incentive to prevent the destruction of critical ecological systems, such as rainforests, which balance the carbon in our environment. E+ partners with investors, businesses and individual consumers to make natural solutions to climate change accessible, including through the advancement of climate-positive “products with purpose”.
Forests remain one of the most important and effective ways of reducing carbon and must be protected. Through its projects in vulnerable ecological zones, E+ will source and supply carbon credits to Poseidon and market these digital solutions to clients going carbon positive.


Stellar.org is a non-profit organization that develops the Stellar network, an open source distributed Read moreledger that provides interoperability between financial institutions and different payment networks. Within the Stellar network, transactions are settled in almost real-time, for fractions of a cent, in a safe and secure environment. The ability to securely support smart contracts, coupled with the network’s distributed exchange will provide transparency for key stakeholders to verify regulatory requirements, as well as credibility of the carbon emission reduction market.


6point6, a technology consultancy specialising in big data & analytics, cyber security and digital Read moretransformation, will be developing the smart contracts and tokens that will live on Stellar, as well as integrating the software development stack on Stellar for a seamless experience.

CA Commercial

CA Commercial will be combining data analytics, behavioral science, and ad tech for the Poseidon Read moremarketing campaign to help share their vision with the world. With over 25 years of experience in behavioral change, CA Commercial provides clients with unparalleled insight into their audiences.

MME Legal Tax Compliance

MME Legal Tax Compliance specializes in supporting blockchain technology companies in the full Read morespectrum of their activities.

Expert Support

Poseidon would not be possible without advice from a range of experts in carbon markets, blockchain, and growing start-ups. Poseidon will also draw on outside counsel for direction. Find out more in our next press release.


Our fundraiser is coming April 2018. More details coming soon.

News & Blog

Poseidon's Launch during New York Climate Week

26 September 2017

The launch of Poseidon at the Sustainable Investment Forum during New York Climate Week on September 19, 2017 generated substantial interest amongst attendees from the United Nations, the World Bank, impact investors, as well as other movers and shakers in the climate space. See below the full transcript of the keynote speech by our founder Laszlo Giricz. The speech was recorded and we will release the video soon.

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Poseidon brings value to nature through carbon blockchain technology

19 September 2017

Today, Laszlo Giricz, founder of the venture Poseidon, announced the launch of a partnership to create a carbon currency that will revolutionise the way we value nature, using blockchain technology to access the carbon market.

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