About Us

Poseidon is based in Malta, an up-and-coming global hub of blockchain innovation. It’s the ideal ecosystem for us to place our roots, and draw upon our team’s international experience.


Laszlo Giricz

Founder and CEO

Before his emergence as a leader in eco-focused blockchain technologies, Laszlo served for nearly two decades as a business and technology expert for some of the world’s largest investment banks. His clients, including JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and UBS, enjoyed the results of his ability to develop and integrate custom trading and risk management solutions that were used in some of their most critical business sectors.

His experience in these arenas, coupled with his keen interests in nature, blockchain technologies and digital assets, gave birth to Poseidon: the platform revolutionizing the world’s carbon markets by lowering barriers of entry and making the trading of carbon credits accessible. Laszlo’s goal is to allow anyone, from governments to retail consumers, to safely and efficiently access the carbon markets and take control of their climate impact.

Cesare Tagliaferri


Cesare’s programming education and experience—combined with his knowledge of the blockchain’s history and dynamics—assure Poseidon’s consumer-facing products enjoy both solid technical foundations and advanced user experiences (UX).

Cesare earned degrees in Computer Science from Supélec Grande École (France), and Electronics from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy). He also holds an MBA from INSEAD, one of the world’s leading graduate business schools. Nearly one third of his 18-year-career working at the juncture of finance and technology included leading an international team of 70+ qualitative analysts for Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)’s, creating the banks new Global Markets Pricing and Risk Management Platform, and establishing the APAC Professional Services team for the international software vendor Murex.

Chidi Akutu


Chidi brings Poseidon nearly two decades of B2B and team-building success in financial services.

Chidi has a wealth of managerial experience that qualifies him to lead Poseidon’s operation. Before coming onboard, Chidi served for twelve years as Accenture’s UK Trading Platforms Business Lead. He capped this tenure by securing over $100,000,000 in partnerships over his last four years.

Chidi has also built and managed global teams of 100+ individuals on several occasions, and is an expert in implementing end-to-end large-scale business process and management programs. His most recent experiences, including those at Poseidon, focus on helping organizations deal with technological change. His ability to comprehend, communicate, and optimize complex financial transactions is second to none.

Ian Briggs

Research and Development

Ian is an accomplished designer with a reputation for innovative and radical concepts that have won him awards and accolades in diverse fields including aviation, luxury yachts and the automotive sector. He and his brother Neill formed the consulting venture Adaptive Space in 2000 and have worked with major automotive manufacturers for over a decade, including Porsche, Mercedes and Audi. Ian has developed and directed designs from concept through to production implementation, and is active in all creative aspects of component, system and total vehicle design, exterior and interior.

Ian graduated with honours in Industrial Design (Transportation) from Coventry University.


Brad Yasar

Business Strategy

Brad is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor and advisor who has started and bootstrapped several companies from inception to maturity over the past 20 years. As the co-founder of Blockchain Investors Consortium with over 5 Billion dollars allocated to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, Brad has access to extensive deal flow and is experienced in analyzing disruptive technologies. Brad has participated in dozens of successful crowd sales, which have raised billions from 100,000s of investors.

Brad also served as managing director of Yasar Corporation where he mentored, advised and invested in more than 50 companies. A big believer in coaching younger generations of entrepreneurs, Brad serves as a mentor for the Pepperdine Alumni Association.

Brad holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business Management from Pepperdine University as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Sciences Math from Académie de Grenoble.

David Parejo

Business Development Manager

David possesses over twenty years’ international business development experience. A first-rate business analyst with a multilingual international management background and a portfolio of global contacts, David has experience both leading diverse teams and serving in support and consulting roles.

David’s traditional background is supported by more than a decade of renewable energy expertise in Solar PV, Wind Power and Energy Storage. In recent years, his track record for successful business development led to his involvement with startups pushing emerging technologies. Known for being skilled creating and trouble-shooting business plans, David excels in identifying points of leverage for rapid scaling while minimizing risk.

Willie Thompson

Communications Manager

Willie is an effective storyteller who brings Poseidon over seven years’ experience in non-profit brand communications. During his tenure as Director of the Fitzgerald Museum, he leveraged public and media relations, strategic partnerships, internal resources, high-impact events and a new brand narrative to effect +500% increases in four of the museum’s five KPIs.

Willie’s marketing background is bolstered by ten years’ combined B2B and B2C sales experience. Early in these years, he gained an international perspective and excelled in customer relationship management while building lifelong relationships at the Beaulieu Group. Willie’s high level of emotional intelligence helps Poseidon create customer-centric narratives which prioritize problem/solution dynamics while maintaining global application.

Strategic Partners

We're backed by experts in carbon markets, blockchains and emerging start-ups, for a best-in-class experience throughout.


Ecosphere+ selects and manages a portfolio of projects that protect forests around the world. Their mission is to grow the global demand for carbon reductions, creating an incentive to prevent the destruction of critical ecological systems. Through its projects in vulnerable ecological zones, Ecosphere+ will source and supply carbon credits to Poseidon and help market these digital solutions, enabling clients to become climate positive.

CBL Markets

CBL Markets operates a global exchange platform that focuses on spot energy, environmental and other soft commodities. Their carbon credit expertise will ensure that Poseidon’s platform integrates seamlessly with existing markets.


Stellar.org is a non-profit organisation that created the Stellar blockchain. It enables transactions that are settled in almost real-time for fractions of a cent, in a safe and secure environment. This provides transparency for key stakeholders to verify regulatory requirements, as well as ensuring the credibility of the lifecycle of carbon credits offered by Poseidon. Stellar is one of the most environmentally friendly blockchain platforms with an energy footprint that is an order of magnitude smaller than even that of credit card payment solutions.


Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is an innovative car manufacturer that has earned a reputation for using free thinking to develop cutting-edge solutions within the transportation field. BAC brings decades of experience in the transportation industry to Poseidon and will work on creating environmentally friendly technologies that will create real-world transportation solutions for a growingly mobile world. In collaboration with Poseidon, BAC has recently become the world’s first climate positive car manufacturer.

Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council (LCC) is a forward-thinking local government that has a history in environmentally friendly policies and actions. Through their major stakes in the city’s transportation infrastructure, LCC is working on integrating Poseidon’s revolutionary platform into, for example, Liverpool’s airport, cruise terminal and public transportation as part of its bid to become the first climate positive city in the world.

Strategic Partners Team

Chris Porter

Software Development Management

Chris Porter has over 17 years’ experience as a hands-on technologist specialising in Enterprise scale integration, Agile delivery, software development, automated testing, DevOps and Cloud. He has been a Developer, a Product Specialist, an Architect, a Tester, a Team Lead, a Manager and is now Digital Transformation Director at 6point6.

Chris’s experience spans both public and private sector organisations including Telecoms, Finance, Central Government and Media and Technology.

His clients have included The BBC, Telegraph Media Group, The Cabinet Office, The Home Office, British Telecom, O2, Deutsche Bank, Experian and The International Stock Exchange.

Lisa Walker

Climate Change Expert

Lisa Walker left BG Group (now part of Royal Dutch Shell) in 2016 where she served as Vice President for Environment & Climate Change to start-up Ecosphere+ as CEO.

Lisa worked in the oil and gas sector for >17 years, closely involved in all aspects of climate change strategy development & implementation, public policy & carbon market formation, sector coalition building and low-carbon business development. She was a driving force behind the UK Emissions Trading Group, the CCAC Oil & Gas Methane Partnership (which she Co-Chaired), the Sustainable Gas Institute and the CEO-led Oil & Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI). Lisa helped BG Group secure multiple industry awards for sustainability.

Before BG Group Lisa held various roles at BP including Director of the BP Carbon Ventures corporate-VC fund. Lisa successfully secured capital for many innovative investments in sustainable land-use and forestry, low-carbon technologies and bio-energy, including first-of-their-kind deals for the private sector such as the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF). Lisa is a mother of four and originally from New Zealand. In 2017 she was recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader.

Rene Velasquez

Carbon Markets Expert

Rene has worked in environmental markets since 2008 and is the Head of Global Carbon at CBL Markets.

CBL’s global carbon markets business covers the global voluntary carbon market as well as emerging global systems such as CORSIA. At CBL, Rene works with a wide range of clients which include; project developers, brokers, intermediaries, corporate and other non-state actors. The global carbon markets team is also active in advising clients on the development and implementation of carbon offset strategies and preparing for future compliance obligations.

Rene has advised clients across finance, manufacturing, the built environment and aviation. Over the past few years Rene has been involved in building capacity within the aviation sector, as ICAO prepares to introduce the first sectoral based emissions trading system for international aviation; the Carbon Offset Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

Before his role as Head of Global Carbon at CBL Markets, Rene acted as country head in Australia and later in the USA for First Climate Markets AG, a leading broker and intermediary in the carbon markets.

Rene obtained a Master of Commercial Law from The University of Melbourne, from which he also graduated with an undergraduate double degree in Science (Honours) and Arts.

Jessica Verhagen

Carbon Trading Expert

At Ecosphere+, Jessica is responsible for driving demand in emerging carbon markets, such as offering retailers and consumers Poseidon’s blockchain-based technology to account for their carbon impact. She has been at the intersection of environment and finance for over twelve years, working in the British Columbia government designing North America’s first carbon tax and the Western Climate Initiative’s cap and trade system. She then worked with the founding team to launch Evok Innovations, a private sector $100 million fund that invests in early stage clean technologies to reduce greenhouse gases, followed by rolling up her sleeves in one of the world’s top 100 cleantech companies to raise capital and develop the go to market strategy.



Poseidon is a non-profit organisation. We're governed by a foundation administration, which consists of representatives from our strategic partners and legal team, and our foundation deed.

ARTICLE 4: Aims and Objects

  1. The aims of the Foundation shall be to strive towards promoting, widening and disseminating knowledge about the international threat of climate change;
    1. by fostering and supporting the preservation of the environment and striving towards reducing negative emissions and other environmental impacts;
    2. by raising awareness of the dangers of climate change and global warming;
    3. by promoting and supporting land-based carbon credits from their inception throughout their entire lifecycle; and
    4. by creating a platform which integrates carbon credits into everyday life, enabling the transparent accountability for one’s carbon footprints with every purchase.
  2. The objects and functions of the Foundation shall be:
    1. to develop, promote, assist, execute or carry out projects, programs, initiatives or activities, which support or contribute to the attainment of the aims of the Foundation, whether alone or in collaboration with others;
    2. to seek, raise and allocate funding for the Foundation's projects, programs, initiatives or activities from the public in general, private or public bodies, organisations, or institutions; and
    3. to oversee and report on the progress and achievements of such projects, programs, initiatives or activities to its governing bodies, sponsors, supporters and to the public in general.

Foundation Administrators

The administrators of the foundation ensure that funds are spent in accordance with the deed of the Poseidon Foundation that was registered in Malta on 23 May 2018.

Laszlo Giricz

Before his emergence as a leader in eco-focused blockchain technologies, Laszlo served for nearly two decades as a business and technology expert for some of the world’s largest investment banks. His clients, including JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and UBS, enjoyed the results of his ability to develop and integrate custom trading and risk management solutions that were used in some of their most critical business sectors.

His experience in these arenas, coupled with his keen interests in nature, blockchain technologies and digital assets, gave birth to Poseidon: the platform revolutionizing the world’s carbon markets by lowering barriers of entry and making the trading of carbon credits accessible. Laszlo’s goal is to allow anyone, from governments to retail consumers, to safely and efficiently access the carbon markets and take control of their climate impact.

David Webb

David Webb drives 6point6’s vision, strategy, and growth, providing clients with consulting services specialising in strategy, architecture, engineering assurance and operations for Big Data & Analytics, Cyber security and Digital Transformation. His leadership has guided 6point6‘s rise from a consulting startup supplying architecture and delivery services to becoming the 13th fastest growing technology company in the UK, according to Sunday Times Tech Track 100.

David has over 27 years experience in IT architecture. David has worked extensively as a CTO, senior Enterprise Architect and technology consultant in many sectors including, central Government in the UK, blue chip organisations and financial services and regulators. David has been a key leader in management teams on some of the largest projects, and in leading companies across the UK.

Christian Farrugia

Christian Farrugia is a co-founding member and senior co-managing partner of Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal. He graduated as a Doctor of Laws from the University of Malta in 1986 and, a year later, furthered his studies in London at UCL, specialising in Maritime and Insurance Law.

Christian has, in his many years of professional experience as a lawyer, operated in various practice areas. He was active in court litigation for several years and still represents clients before the Courts and arbitration panels in high-value disputes. His principal focus areas today include Mergers & Acquisition, Shipping, iGaming and Financial Services. He is also a part-time lecturer in the Asset Finance Law department and is a doctoral thesis examiner at the University of Malta.

Christian is a member of the Board of Directors of a number of companies in Malta, including ARQ Group Limited which is a joint venture professional services organisation providing trust, corporate, tax, immigration and AML compliance services, amongst others. He sits on the Board of Directors of several companies in Malta and is a non-executive Chairman director of MFC Merchant Finance Bank and Advent International Insurance PCC Ltd. In his spare time, Christian counts music, photography, football and travelling as his main passions. He is a self-taught guitar player.


Industry pioneers are placing their faith in Poseidon. Our advisors are some of the top minds in their fields, guiding our mission to help everyone control their carbon footprint. We look forward to revealing the full list soon.

Justin Mundy

Former Director
The Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit

Justin Mundy has 30 years’ experience of working on climate change, environment and energy issues and has done so within the public, multilateral and private sectors. He is former Director of The Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit (ISU) which has been set up to reflect His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’ vision and aims in the area of sustainable development. He was formerly managing director of Climate Change, and previously Senior Adviser to Deutsche Bank’s Global Markets Group. From 1992 – 1998 he ran the World Bank’s forestry and biodiversity programmes in Russia and Central Asia and was the Bank’s environment adviser for the region’s oil and gas sector.

Kristin Rechberger

Founder and CEO
Dynamic Planet

Kristin Rechberger is Founder and CEO of Dynamic Planet, a company that works with businesses and governments to restore nature. This includes ‘blue finance’, environmental storytelling, and leadership engagement - so that people and nature can both thrive. Prior to founding Dynamic Planet, Kristin was Senior Vice President of Global Programs and Partnerships at the National Geographic Society for over 14 years. Before this, Kristin lived in Seoul, Korea as a Luce Foundation Fellow and traveled extensively throughout Asia designing educational systems and producing documentary films.

Peter McCullagh

Founder and Managing Partner
TenX Ventures Inc

Peter has over 35 years’ experience as a successful entrepreneur, business executive and thought leader. He is currently Founder and Managing Partner at TenX Ventures Inc. TenX is a Vancouver based, active, early stage Venture Capital firm that backs passionate overachievers with early stage funding, focusing on scaling up rapidly. Prior to founding TenX Ventures, Peter spent ~ 10 years growing and helping to sell three companies, with a total value of over $10bn. Before this, McCullagh was a partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and a banker at Scotiabank.

Anthony Hobley

Chief Executive Officer
Carbon Tracker Initiative

Anthony has been Chief Executive Officer of the Carbon Tracker Initiative since February 2014. Previously he was a partner and Global Head of the Sustainability & Climate Finance Practice at global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright. Formerly he was General Counsel to the Climate Change Capital Carbon Fund and Director of Legal Policy for Climate Change Capital which he joined in September 2005. Anthony has played a key role in helping to design the UKs pilot emissions trading scheme and in developing key aspects of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.