Carbon on Blockchain

Controlling your carbon footprint should be as easy as checking your bank balance. With Poseidon, it can be.


Carbon’s impact cannot be overstated. Global average temperatures are rising, not enough is being done, and the consequences could be irreparable. Our carbon footprint is far too high, and we need to fix it together.


Every decision has a climate consequence, positive or negative. But can you tell how much carbon your everyday choices result in? In our mind it’s too difficult, even though the answer could save the planet.

For the very first time, our platform empowers everyone to participate in climate action. It links your climate-negative purchase to an equally climate-positive carbon credit, allowing you to offset it instantly.

Poseidon’s Platform

Poseidon’s platform tracks and manages the entire carbon ecosystem. For users, it will be as simple as opening an app.

It connects consumers and retailers with Ecosphere+'s forest conservation projects around the world, meaning that a product’s carbon footprint can finally be embedded in its sale. The technology empowers everyone to contribute through their everyday purchases – something which has never been possible before.

Behind it lies a blockchain that will revolutionise how the world relates to the carbon. On Stellar’s uniquely efficient network, we can verify carbon credit status in real time, guarantee that consumers are directly supporting emission reduction projects, and settle all-new microtransactions using our native tokens in seconds. The blockchain provides transparency for all purchases and offsets.

The following comparison table shows the tremendous environmental impact of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Interestingly, a transaction on the Stellar network not only uses significantly less electricity than both Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also uses only a fraction of the electricity that a VISA transaction requires.

Our proprietary smart contract solution will hold carbon credits from project inception to retirement. It combines on-chain and off-chain smart contracts to make sure crucial carbon data remains public, without compromising user experience or confidentiality.

Use Case


Both in-store and online, here’s how Poseidon makes any choice eco-friendly.


  1. After joining Poseidon, Amy buys a pair of shoes.
  2. The retailer's POS system shows that the shoes have a carbon impact of 12kg. It adds the price for the required carbon offset to her bill.
  3. Amy pays using her credit card. The retailer's POS shares her purchase details with Poseidon's backend.
  4. Poseidon's backend automatically matches the purchase with Amy's profile.
  5. It purchases Poseidon's native tokens, using Amy's payment.
  6. Through these native tokens, it then acquires 12kg worth of carbon credits.
  7. It adds these credits to Amy's profile, updating the blockchain with the transaction details. All these steps happen behind the scenes - Amy's user journey is seamless.
  8. Within seconds, Amy receives a notification that her shoes are now carbon neutral. To her, they've been offset instantly.
  9. She looks at her phone, opens up details of the forest-protecting project she has supported, and decides to share on social media.

The Poseidon White Paper

As consumers, we’re growing more socially conscious. We recognise the value of greener products and sustainable projects, and we’re often willing to pay extra for them. Poseidon’s blockchain technology will make any purchase worry-free, so you can save the planet as you shop.

"This is the first time in years that I have read something of a concrete and practical nature that realistically can make a change for the better."
Will Denayer, Researcher, Flassbeck Economics International