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Register your details for our next public fundraiser that will begin at 12:00 GMT on 03 November 2018. It will run for 36.5 days, accepting contributions in Euro, Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, and will end at 23:59 GMT on Sunday 09 December 2018.

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What is the fundraiser?

In order to support the mission of the Poseidon Foundation, which has been self-funded until the fundraiser, we are conducting three public fundraising rounds between June 2018 and May 2019. During these fundraisers, contributors are able to purchase OCEAN tokens at a discount from Poseidon Operations Ltd or make donations to the Poseidon Foundation. In either case, contributions using Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are accepted.

If OCEAN tokens are purchased, they are transferred to a new Stellar account that is automatically generated after payment has been received.

Our private fundraiser, live until the platform launch in August 2019, has already been a major success. We have so far protected over 20 million trees, supported over 500 people, and protected an area of forest 24% larger than New York City.

Why contribute?

With your contribution, you’ll play your part in the collective effort being made by the world to reduce climate change.

From the proceeds of the token sale, 80% be used to purchase carbon credits and 20% will be used to pursue the objective of the Poseidon Foundation. In case of donations, 100% of the proceeds will be used to purchase carbon credits. For the duration of the Fundraiser, the value of one OCEAN token has been fixed to the estimated value of the carbon markets, $10 billion, divided by the total number of OCEAN tokens, 36 billion, resulting in a token value of $0.2778. As Poseidon Operations Ltd is registered in Europe and therefore operates in Euro, an equivalent value of €0.2400 has been set for one OCEAN token until the platform launches in August 2019.

How do I participate?

Anyone who passes our KYC and AML process can donate to Poseidon. You'll be able to send contributions in Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, once the Token Sale begins on 16 June 2018. Further fundraiser information is available in our Terms and Conditions.

Fundraiser Security

The Poseidon fundraiser is setting new standards for public fundraisers security. Our cyber security team has developed a world-class system that ensures that all contributions reach Poseidon and ultimately the emission reduction projects we are supporting.

Token Allocation

Real Impact of One Million Invested

The Poseidon Foundation is a non-profit committed to address the existential threat of climate change. Poseidon Operations Ltd will ensure that 80% of the proceeds from token sales will be transferred to the Poseidon Foundation to purchase land-based carbon credits, while the remaining 20% will be used to pursue the objectives of the Poseidon Foundation. The revenue generated from the sale of the purchased carbon credits will be used to fund operations, purchase further carbon credits, and support further climate action. The spread between wholesale and retail carbon credit pricing will allow us to purchase about 50% more carbon credits with each cycle, allowing us to grow the impact we are having. Our non-profit foundation will be focused on maximising sustainable philanthropic impact, offering a unique model to our contributors.