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Our public fundraiser will begin at 12:00 CET on 2 June 2018. It will run for 29.5 days, accepting contributions in Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, and will end at 00:00 CET on Monday 2 July.

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What is the fundraiser?

Poseidon is a non-profit foundation, and our fundraiser will be in the form of a Token Sale. During the fundraiser, philanthropic donations can made to support the development of the Poseidon platform in its mission to address climate change.

80% of all donations will be used to purchase high-quality carbon credits; their sale will generate further revenue with which to purchase more. The remaining 20% will go towards our operations, research and development, plus supporting climate-positive efforts on the ground.

Our private fundraiser, live until the public fundraiser, has already been a major success. We have so far protected over 55 million trees, supported over 500 people, and protected an area of forest 24% larger than New York City.

Why contribute?

With your donation, you’ll play your part in the collective effort being made by the world to reduce climate change.

Along with all other contributors, you’ll be provided with OCEAN tokens as receipts for your philanthropic donations. Following the Token Sale, you’ll be able to trade these tokens on exchanges, hold them for future use, and soon use them to purchase carbon credits on Poseidon’s blockchain.

How do I participate?

Anyone who passes our KYC and AML process can donate to Poseidon. You'll be able to send contributions in Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, once the Token Sale begins on 2 June 2018. Further fundraiser information will be released soon - make sure you sign up to our mailing list to receive the all-important details, addresses and instructions.

Fundraiser Security

The Poseidon Token Sale will set new standards for public fundraiser security. Our cyber security team is developing a world-class system that will ensure all philanthropic donations will reach Poseidon and ultimately the emission reduction projects we are supporting. Details will be provided closer to the fundraiser.