Poseidon partners with the Carbon Trust

Nov 28, 2018

Malta, 28th November 2018: The Poseidon Foundation (“Poseidon”), a non-profit which seeks out and develops solutions to stop climate change and regenerate the environment, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Carbon Trust, who will support Poseidon’s reduce platform by collaborating with the foundation and its clients to measure and certify the climate impact of products or services.

The Carbon Trust works with businesses and governments around the world, helping them contribute to and benefit from a sustainable future. And as a recognised world-leader in carbon footprint measurement, the Carbon Trust’s independent assurance arm also provides certification and labelling for a range of global brands, including Dyson, Samsung and evian.

reduce is Poseidon’s first climate change solution. The platform makes it possible to reduce the climate impact of a product or service through integrating carbon credits into transactions at point of sale. Through reduce, consumers can support conservation projects with any purchase, in store or online – protecting trees, empowering communities and maintaining vital biodiversity. reduce has an impact by funding rainforest conservation, which is one of the necessary solutions for tackling climate change.

Poseidon will work closely with the Carbon Trust on an ongoing basis to enhance the efficiency, scalability and accuracy of reduce. Such efforts include the exploration of smart technologies which can both enhance the platform’s power and aid in the development of future climate change solutions.

Laszlo Giricz, founder and CEO of the Poseidon Foundation said, “We’re thrilled to be announcing this partnership with the Carbon Trust. These great people have over 15 years of experience providing critical insight and support to some of the world’s largest businesses, governments and institutions and we are confident our partnership with them will further us in our mission to empower anyone to engage in climate action.”

Hugh Jones, Managing Director, Business Services at the Carbon Trust, added: “Poseidon’s reduce platform shows impressive promise as a way to engage individuals with climate change and get them to take meaningful action that serves to protect forests and increase investment into global carbon markets. We are excited to be working alongside Poseidon to help organisations take a robust approach to the measurement of emissions, so that they can ensure any offsetting really does take into account the full life cycle climate impact of products or services.”

Poseidon will also partner with Carbon Trust to create tailor-made offset solutions that help governments and corporations address their organisational carbon footprints. Poseidon is currently piloting this approach in Liverpool, where Liverpool City Council has an ambition to become the world’s first ‘climate positive’ city.

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